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Ticket Event Management & Hire

Ticket have teams and equipment ready to be deployed at a moments notice, we can host, plan and manage events for anyone from 2 people up to 50,000 people.

Case Studies

Bordon Fireworks 2021

Ticket hosted the annual event at Prince Phillip Park in Bordon, East Hampshire. The Event was kindly sponsored by The Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company. With over 5,000 people attending to watch the impressive display!

Euro's 2020

Ticket live streamed the Euro's 2020 football which covered England matches, screening at two locations simutainiously with over 8,000 football fans across the tournement.

Tipi Winter Forest 2018

The Ticket team operated and ran a tipi cinema for The Winter Forest at Broadgate, behind liverpool street station in London. The event ran for 6 weeks and included over 90 screenings!

Paypal TV Advert 2017

The Ticket team provided its 40ft Inflable screen, the filming took place in guildford lido, right by the pool side! The team went the extra mile and got very wet to ensure the sucess of the filmshoot.